Pharmaceutical Marketing Solutions

E-detailing offers pharmaceutical marketing solutions to all companies to make better market presence with better techniques. We have a tool to monitor all kinds of marketing activities and business growth. There is a lot of competition in the market and every pharma company wants to grab a big share but marketing is the biggest challenge as every segment needs to drive with technically sound planning and marketing software that helps to make better planning with time and money saving options.

eDetailing Solutions


  1. Reporting offers eDetailing, a productivity enhancing solution to Pharmaceutical companies.
  2. eDetailing helps the sales team to make a better impact on our esteemed clients with better visuals.

How to start using eDetailing?

Start using eDetailing  to select the perfect services provider and tool that fulfill your requirement as per your marketing strategies.Our eDetailing helps companies to adopt customized solutions to enhance their day to day marketing.

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How it works


  • Our planning and marketing team selects the products and details all about the product to the targeted person/Practicing physicians.
  • They participate in conferences or digitally and fill out surveys and quizzes
  • Complete information automatically .
  • Our company analyzes collected information.
  • Send product information to the respective Biotech as well as pharmaceutical companies.

Utilities and Working of e-Detailing 

  • Works with our DCR submission by selecting the products to be detailed to the targeted clients.
  • One by one slide helps us to detail product easily.
  • By completing the slide show it automatically submit  DCR on go.

Detailing App Modules

We have the latest version of the detailing app with all new features and utilities so that every company can contract us per their desire. Most of the apps in the market do not have such features that can help any employee to completely feed their total activity as per company need.

Customized Modules and App Utilities as per Need :

Our Reporting is a front line Development Company in market and industry, continuously working to enhance industry with vast and enrich technologies to improve productivity and growth in their business with better platforms .

Customized Features

  • Offline E-detailing
  • Location Tracking
  • C.P.A
  • Order Booking on Merchandise
  • Delivery Tracking

Benefits with E-detailing services

Every new technology and tools have a significant role to make life smooth and beneficial otherwise there is no need to invest hard earned money. Most of the top level companies understand this theory and invest for the benefits. Similarly eDetailing helps the company to get better outcomes without investing more.

  • Other Benefits
  • Save Money- No need to spend money on printing for visual ads. Most of the companies spend lots of money in printing for the formats but only soft images or pdfs are required in eDetailing.
  • Save Tree & Go Green- Paper Free system helps you to save trees as eDetailing is a totally electronic media system.
  • Real Time Detailing Solution – we are free to detail the products to anyone/company anytime in offline mode as there is no need for the internet while detailing.
  • Actual Detailing- we can achieve 100% targets as per planning, as every single detailing activity gets captured..
  • Real Time Location Tracking – we can track all of our employees at a glance.
  • eDetailing From the Spot – Employees just need to detail the product from the same spot where the doctor is located .
  • No Fake Detailing calls – It helps the company to compare actual product interest in the market.
  • Zero Fake Expense – GPS activity helps the company to take total control on Fake expense claims.
  • Auto Acceleration – Our decisions can be implemented in a few clicks, it just accelerates the process in seconds.
  • Save More Money.

Contact us at E-detailing@juganumedicalcentre.com or call +254735691670