Theatre Etiquette

In order to attain optimal results, a doctor operating in theatre is expected to maintain the following “rules”.

  1. Be involved in the preoperative selection and preparation of patients including obtaining of the informed consent.
  2. As the team leader, maintain strict time discipline and other aspects of good leadership.
  3. Be familiar with any problems with the theatre set up for the day well in advance.
  4. Accord respect to all team members.
  5. Observe the required sterility requirements in theatre.
  6. Observe the required health and safety rules while operating.

IMPORTANT: In our environment it is mandatory to wear eye goggles and aprons to avoid the dangers associated with blood splashes.

  1. Operative in the safest environment and not allowing attention to wander during surgery.
  2. Observe silence and as much as possible avoid discussions not directly related to the surgery.
  3. Make sure to write own operating notes, or if delegated, make it a point to confirm what has been documented.
  4. Ensure anaesthetic notes are complete and accurate.
  5. Do not leave the theatre before the patient unless care has been delegated to another competent doctor.
  6. Follow up the patient till the time of discharge.
  7. Conduct regular audits of the surgical team’s work.

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