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Understanding Seizure Disorders: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment Options

A seizure is defined as a paroxysmal involuntary disturbance of brain function that may result in loss of consciousness and abnormalities in movement, behavior, or sensation. Seizures can result from organic lesions such as acute or chronic infections, tumours and developmental defects, but more commonly the cause is unknown. Epilepsy is defined as recurrent seizures. […]

Abortion and Religion: Analyzing Different Faiths’ Viewpoints

GYNAECOLOGY This section involves mainly the cohorts of pregnant women and the newborn, adult women of reproductive age (WRA), postmenopausal women, and sometimes infants and children in relation to sexual assault. Abortion (Miscarriage) The old working clinical definition of abortion denotes termination of pregnancy before 28th week of gestation. With advancement in modern neonatology the […]

The Importance of Growth Monitoring for Newborns: What Parents Need to Know

Rates of growth: Rate of growth is highest in the first year of life and gradually reduces thereafter until child reaches puberty when there is another growth spurt that lasts 2-5 years. Weight gain: Term neonate aged 0-2 months gains 30g per day; an infant aged 2-6 months gains 20g per day. A child doubles […]