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Antepartum Haemorrhage: A Comprehensive Guide for Expectant Mothers

Antepartum Haemorrhage (APH) Antepartum haemorrhage (APH) is defined as vaginal bleeding after the 20th week of pregnancy. APH is associated with increased foetal and maternal morbidity and mortality. The fetal and maternal status will depend on amount, duration, and cause of bleeding. The causes of APH are: Extraplacental bleeding: From sites other than the placental […]

Empowering Individuals with Hearing Impairment: Strategies for Effective Communication

A high index of suspicion and proper history is important, especially amongst children born prematurely, those born with low birth-weight, those born after difficult delivery, those who develop yellowness of eye (neonatal jaundice), those whose mothers had febrile illness during pregnancy, and those treated for meningitis. Do not ignore a parent’s complaint of a child […]

Exploring Gastrointestinal Bleeding: Causes, Risk Factors, and Treatment Approaches

Gastrointestinal Bleeding Clinical Features Gastrointestinal bleeding may present as blood in vomitus or in stool. In either case, there may be frank red blood or altered blood that would appear as coffee grounds or there may be black stool. Bleeding could occur from the upper or lower gastrointestinal tract. The amount of bleeding varies depending […]