Health Facilities

When you choose a health facility, you might want to consider:

  • How close it is to where you live or work
  • Whether your health insurance will pay for services there
  • Whether your health care provider can treat you there
  • The quality of the facility

Quality is important. Some facilities perform better than others. One way to learn about the quality of a facility is to look at report cards developed by national government, county, and consumer groups.

The pharmaceutical sector plays a crucial role in contributing to the delivery of universal health care in Kenya in various ways

1. Product sourcing simplified

As a facility you can Search the largest database of finished-dose formulations today for human use. Discover generics, biosimilars, medical devices and nutraceuticals.

Have more advanced needs? We are ready to help you find the most attractive products for your market or develop them on your behalf.

2. Discover high-quality products

Simplify product discovery with the up-to-date information. 

  • New products added every month
  • GMP approved factories
  • CTD dossiers
  • All therapy areas
  • Generics, biosimilars, medical devices and nutraceuticals

3. Connect with the right manufacturers

Reduce time-to-contract by finding qualified manufacturers. Share your expectations, get competitive offers and we will help you connect with manufactures directly.

  • Get vetted information on products and manufacturers
  • Make requests for quotations easily
  • Use deal structuring and deal facilitation support
  • Connect with manufacturers directly



We work together to exchange knowledge, share resources, train medical professionals, and reach patients and whole communities.

In addition, we assist with the training of healthcare workers, the acquisition of basic diagnostic devices such as glucometers, BP machines, weighing scales, and appropriate tools for monitoring and evaluation.  The collaboration covers three main strategic areas of activity including equipping healthcare workers with the requisite mentorship and skills they need, as well as referral guidelines, with the goal of supporting care using innovative approaches.

The health sector in Kenya is among the sectors that has experienced remarkable development in the recent years. We aim with great efforts to control diseases like Malaria, TB and Cholera while actively fighting the AIDS/HIV pandemic. To make similar efforts in controlling communicable diseases like

poliomyelitis, neonatal tetanus and measles. The targets for eradication of the guinea worm disease and elimination of lymphatic filariasis and leprosy are yet to be attained. Other parasitic diseases of epidemiological concern such as schistosomiasis, helminthiasis and leishmaniasis are seriously being addressed.