Understanding the Unspoken Pain: Shedding Light on Suicide Attempts

Suicide is an unsuccessful attempt to end one’s own life. It is more common in adolescents following severe social problems or stress. A suicide attempt is used as a desperate attempt at conflict resolution, But it may also be due to depression, schizophrenia, or influence of alcohol/drugs.

Refer to higher level of appropriate management, which would include admission. The following are general principles to observe for such patients
Urgently restore physical fitness, which is important for the patient’s wellbeing,
Once a patient’s life is out of danger, take a full history without accusing the patient.
Treat the patient with understanding and respect. An empathetic approach is very important if you are to win the confidence of the patient so that they will be able to tell you the true story.
Regard every suicide attempt as serious. The next attempt may be successful. Do not regard an attempt as just attention seeking.
Explore the underlying cause and counsel
Involve the parents.

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